How to Deal with Emotions

I once believed that feeling an array of deeply felt emotions was beyond me, just something that wasn’t who I was and it wasn’t in my makeup. I would never get excited about things that would be coming up, rationalising it intellectually by believing that it was best not to get excited about things that hadn’t come to happen yet. If something sad happens, like hearing some bad news about a friend or loved one, I'd just think to myself that these things happen in life and that I should move on and not dwell on them. That feeling negative was in some way wrong and not what I should be doing.

I feel like often as men we bury our emotions like there is somewhere in our brains we hold that it’s somehow the manly or/and noble thing to do it not express our emotions to the outside world (and sometimes not even ourselves).

But this robs us of the kaleidoscope of colours that emotions give our lives as if living in black and white is in some way superior.

I’ve seen that since I was given the message from mother ayahuasca that my only true route to me living an awesome and truly self-expressive life was to allow, feel and express my emotions that I feel that my life has been lived in 4K HD opposed to black and white.

And the single biggest change I have made is to say those feelings that I have to those people in my life that matter to me. It might be telling a friend that I love them (men don’t tell other men they love them enough). It may be just allowing myself to be excited about my lunch. And I dear say, go to work and tell someone that I’m something other than fine and dandy.

Not all your feelings will be positive but let them come, feel them and most importantly let them go. Release them with the speed that which they came. But feel them, feel them in my body and your heart then say bye to them.

This process of letting them happen has put me so much more in touch with myself that really has enabled me to connect with myself and others. For if the people you spend your time with don’t know how you are feeling do they really know how you are!

In telling those around you how you are, you get to share yourself with those around you and those around you will share them selfs with you and connect with you more deeply. You will learn more about yourself and others just by giving them access to your feelings.

And you’re thinking how this will help you when it comes to relationships and dating. But it’s clear, no? In telling your partner, lover or potential dating who you are and how you feel, you open them up to you realist you, the true expression of how you are. And you can open yourself to who they are.

Don’t Judge your feelings to be bad and wrong but accept your own feelings for they are not all you are but fleeting moments in this journey that is life.