I have always been pretty outgoing. Making friends and meeting new people has always come naturally to me. So meeting women felt like a continuation of that, but what was frustrating for me was that i found that it wasn’t so easy to meet women that I was really interested in. But what I found was that it was less about meeting women and more about doing things I loved and working on myself to be the person that I really wanted to be.

Dating experience

Some would say that I have had a really ‘successful’ dating life, I have had many wonderful relationships, some fulfilling and some not. I have spend time with wonderful and inspiring women. I’ve learnt a ton about who I am, my emotions and programming/how i operate.

I have really evolved from someone that was somewhat out of touch with his feelings, in my early dating years, to now feeling really connected to what I enjoy, want in life and how i want to express myself.

I came to see more and more that dating wasn’t about following rules and being the way other people wanted me to be but about expressing myself honestly, openly and vulnerably.

What I bring to this podcast

As former dating coach with I have a wealth of experience dating and relationships.

I have also had a real interest in sex. I remember when I was young watching a programme called sex tips for girls. It was about couples learning new techniques to improve their sex life. And that's very much been my attitude towards sex, that there is always something to learn and explore.

Its meant that i have always been sexually open and open mind about sex. Leading to me being very sexually liberal.

This has all led me to join a tantra course recently.

What I bring to the podcast is the experience of being used to having women in my life that wanna be around me and in my life.

I have a spend a huge amount of time being in casual and open relationships. But I have also overcome a deep fear of being in a committed relationships.


I used to be incredibly shy and clueless around women. In fact, I was socially awkward in general. The turning point came in my 20’s, at university, when I would literally freeze in the presence of women. I noticed how scared and powerless I felt and I hated it. One night I broke down and cried in frustration because I didn’t have the balls to go out and meet new people, let alone talk to women.

I knew I couldn’t continue life like this. From that moment I became determined to change. I started going out more and challenging myself to talk to women. I read countless articles & books and attended courses to improve my confidence and dating skills.

I had plenty more frustrations as I learned to overcome my nervousness and fear of rejection. But I grew and evolved with every step.

dating experience

Over several years, I dated different women and had many wonderful moments. I’ve experienced relationships and also periods of choosing to be single and dating different women, which taught me a lot about my own wants and desires in a partner.

With time and experience I relaxed into my own sense of self and became socially and sexually confident.

Eventually, I was given the opportunity to use my experiences while working as a dating coach in London, teaching men and a few women how to overcome their troubles with dating.

In 2010, I created an event that taught men how to be expressive and confident in dating & life. David and I ran that event for a few years. We did it because we liked to help others. I feel this podcast is a reincarnation of that event.

What I bring to this Podcast

My understanding of men who feel stuck or lack confidence in who they are and the belief that whatever I’ve learnt I can help others to achieve the same.

The knowledge and experience of the journey from feeling hopeless & clueless to being confident and sexual with women.

My awareness of the pitfalls to avoid on the path to true self expression and confidence.